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Introduction of “Innovation Fusion Society of Japan (IFSJ)”

IFSJ’s way of thinking

1. There are big losses in Japan, i.e., 
① Lack of sharing “Chi *1” over different industries 
② Sharp decrease of Chi of experience of retired persons 
③ Atmosphere of the innovative person not working freely in the organization due to the old fashioned organization culture 
2. Basically, by positive person getting together, and everybody freely working, it is possible to gather many different persons and their Chi in order to create and share “Ba of Chi *2” causing innovation.
3. This is not only the Academic Society but also, we will create “Ba” for “business matching” by sharing various Chi.
*1:  知 “Chi”  is synthetic concept of knowledge, wisdom and mind.
*2:  知の場 “Ba of Chi” is a physical and mental “space” in which an intellectual and emotional correlation among the chi workers is produced. 

Definition of “Chi Management”:

 Chi Management should be defined as follows: 

“A systematic approach to discovering, understanding, sharing, creating and utilizing Chi (Synthetic concept of Knowledge, Wisdom, Mind) that would produce or enhance stakeholders’ value (for customers, employees, managers, shareholders, business partners, society and government). 
It aims at establishing and maintaining effective systems of transferring Necessary Chi smoothly to appropriate personnel at a proper moment at proper place.”


(Source: “Understanding Knowledge Management” Tom Takanashi, the author and editor, Nihon Jitsugyou Publishing Co. Ltd. June15,1996)

 In the era of globalization, which is proceeding rapidly beyond our expectation, it is remarkably important to challenge the severe change and the new competition.
We established Innovation Fusion Society of Japan (IFSJ) on 1st April 2014, so that we can gather various creative and innovative human assets from various fields to survive today and tomorrow.
And we just started the advocacy and activities that will contribute to revival of Japanese vitality, social and economic power-up in Japan and international contributions as well.

We recognize the importance and needs for change by innovation, and we would like to conduct necessary activities of continuous innovation practice together with members.
We would like to have your constructive opinions based upon your thoughtful understanding and agreement with the spirit of the Society newly created, and your on-going cooperation and support to the Society will be highly appreciated.

Innovation Fusion Society of Japan
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